The Jammu and Kashmir National Front (JKNF) Chairman and senior Hurriyat leader Nayeem Ahmad Khan expressed deep concern over the detention of 10 Kashmiri students in India’s Rajasthan university and continuous detention of pro-freedom people in different police stations and jails in the prevailing cold season in various parts of Indian-occupied Kashmir.

The JKNF head said that Kashmiri Muslims did not feel secure in any part of India nor in Kashmir because uniformed people had been in habit of targeting them as and when they get any excuse”, a JKNF press communiqué said.

Mr Khan, the statement continued, said that even a quarrel between two groups of students ended on the arrest of innocent Kashmiri students in Rajasthan University who had nothing to do with the quarrel. He demanded immediate release of the Kashmiri students so that their educational career did not get affected. He said that by targeting Kashmiri students, India wanted to frighten Kashmiri people so that they give up their demand for freedom. But, Mr Khan, said that Kashmiri people would never give up their inborn demand for self-determination and freedom.

He said that pro-freedom people of Kashmir were being continuously detained in different police stations and jails in the present days of severe cold which badly affected their lives. He said that hundreds of families had to suffer due to continuous detention of pro-freedom people and with the result their children and parent’s lives get badly suffered.

He demanded immediate and unconditional release of all the political prisoners.