LAHORE - Teachers and students of BS Hons are feeling uncomfortable as, like previous years, they will not be able to enjoy summer vacations, a right available to their counterparts in other educational institutions.

They say it is unfair that they are deprived of this right even during the month of Ramadan when continuation of educational activities becomes very difficult because of loadshedding and scorching heat.

“Classes should be suspended during the month of fasting to facilitate the teachers and students to observe their religious duty”, said a senior teacher who did not want to be identified.

Ramazan is going to start after about three weeks.

The BS Hons is in force in six colleges of the provincial metropolis, three of them are for boys and remaining three for girls. They are all affiliated to the Punjab University.

The first batch of the four-year programme is about to pass out a year after schedule. The programme had been started in 2010.

It is said that semesters are not started on time because of which the completion schedule gets delayed.

Teachers say that the relevant authorities should set a permanent calendar for the BS Hons programme and should be strictly followed.