Lahore - The All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) held its National Board meeting to discuss the next 6 months strategy, with enthusiastic participation from all board members, representing high-profiled enterprises, associations and institutions, belonging to numerous industrial sectors, from all over Pakistan. During the meeting, the APBF bid farewell to its out-going Chairman Haroon Khawaja, who has successfully finished his tenure. On the occasion, the members of APBF National Board also elected Khalid Rafiq as the new chairman.

Khalid Rafiq is a seasoned entrepreneur, representing the Habib Rafiq Group of Industries, with major engineering ventures in power generation, petro-chemicals and infrastructure development. President of APBF Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi welcomed the newly-elected Chairman and expressed his hopes that the new dynamic leader will perpetuate the robust growth of APBF. He urged the business community to work more cohesively.

All sincere, prudent and diligent businessmen must come together to make their voice stronger and inspire positive reforms, to get their operational and regulatory issues resolved.

All business associations must have a unified stance against the new tax on banking transactions. Although, the APBF fully supports the government’s efforts to expand the tax-net, but all our experts agree that this indirect tax will discourage and jeopardize financial activity in the country. He urged the government authorities to understand and proactively solve the problems faced by the businesses and industries in the country.