A USAID team led by its Director Education Natasha called on Minister of State for Education Balighur Rehman at his office where the minister informed the formers about several projects being undertaken by the government to improve the education sector.

These projects include setting up of National Curriculum Council, revision of National Education Policy 2009 and establishment of vocation and technical training schools etc throughout the country, he said. He also talked about Academy of Educational Planning and Management which is working on the early childhood education and development.

“I want to see the institute as the best one of the country to create awareness about the importance of early childhood education,” stated the minister. AEPAM would be educating the masses about when should they send their children to schools and what is the minimum level of education that needs to be attained by a child, he said. Moreover, AEPAM would also be working on the development of ECED curriculum, he added.

The director education admired the efforts of the government regarding the education sector and showed a keen interest in working with it to improve the education standards in Pakistan. She told the state minister that USAID was very much eager to participate in the upcoming 6th Inter Provincial Education Ministers’ Conference which is to be held next week in Islamabad. She said, “It will be a great opportunity and an honour for us to present at a platform where we will not just be able to interact with all the provinces but would also be able to assess the current scenario of the education sector in the country,” she said.

She thanked the state minister for the hospitality and taking time out of his busy schedule. The meeting was also attended by the secretary education.