Lahore - All Pakistan Business Forum has warned the government against trade talks with India until improvement in diplomatic ties with the neighboring country, as India has crossed all limits to terrorize the Pakistani civilians. The arch rival of Pakistan has completely disregarded the international conventions and norms by repeatedly violating the ceasefire agreements along working boundary and Line of Control.

APBF President Ibrahim Qureshi said there is a link between the Indian sponsored terrorism in parts of Pakistan and its unprovoked shelling on our borders.

APBF lauds the principled stance of the government during Prime Minister official visit to the US which will have far reaching repercussions. “India must understand that peace in South Asia is in the interest of regional countries and the whole world, as extremism will not only damage Pakistan but also hurt India,” he said. He said that military operation has broken the back of terrorists which has also infused confidence in the business community. He called upon New Delhi to abandon fanning militancy in Pakistan and opposition to economic corridor which is in her own interest.

“We would not allow anyone to play with the destiny of the nation and the business community would fight against militancy. Political stability coupled with better law and order, and laced with durable peace was pre-requisite for strengthening of Pakistan economy.”

APBF accused the Indian government of trying to divert attention from its internal failure by resorting to unprovoked firing to create unrest on the border with Pakistan.

He said that innocent children and women were targeted during repeated Indian firing, adding that India’s hypocrisy has been exposed before the whole world. He said that the Pakistan Armed Forces and the people of Pakistan will respond effectively to the aggression of Indian forces.

“It is very unfortunate that the OIC is silent despite proofs of Indian involvement are crystal clear to create unrest in Pakistan, besides killing so many innocent civilians by the unprovoked firing on border.”

He also revealed that the Modi government did not respond the positive efforts of Pakistan for resolving the outstanding issues through dialogue.

It is right step in right direction that government finally handed over three dossiers to US Secretary of State John Kerry about the Indian involvement in subversive activities in the country.

Pakistan always shows its commitment to contribute towards promoting a peaceful South Asia and world knows our efforts to improve relations with Afghanistan and seeking normalization with India.

He suggested the government to think strategically, not emotionally on trade issues with India. He further said that the global economy is in recession and bilateral trade is diminishing, however, in Pakistan’s case the scenario is worse as its imports are increasing more than exports.