Islamabad - The Auditor General has detected corruption and financial irregularities amounting to 5.28 billion in Punjab Education Ministry and directed the authorities concerned to take punitive action against the responsible officers.

The Online International News Agency claimed it had obtain audit report 2014, which highlighted massive financially irregularity in education ministry of Punjab.

According to the report, record of purchasing items worth Rs363 million has been wasted in Lahore Engineering University while nine educational institutions have made bad investments of Rs3.78 billion at different levels and nine government colleges have wasted Rs269 billion in the name of maintenance of buildings and other repair work.

The report further says that various colleges have made transaction of Rs212 million in bank accounts of their own choice while different colleges have spent Rs117 million on the purchase of unnecessary items. Five colleges have recruited their blue-eyed without the permission of authorities concerned and national exchequer has to face the loss of Rs36 million as a consequence.

“Purchase(s) of Rs27 million was made without the permission of purchasing committee while Rs20 million were distributed among undeserving people in the name of cash award,” the document read. It maintained that a retired professor of Fatima Jinnah Women University was reappointed and Rs16 million were wasted.

The report reveals that Rs7 million have been wasted in the name of scholarship and various colleges have given Rs100 million to employees in advance, while students have not been given Rs20 million in scholarship.

Secretary of the Provincial Higher Education Commission, where corruption was done, expressed complete ignorance about this mega corruption scam.

However, the Auditor General has directed the anti-corruption departments to recover the looted public money from corrupt officials.