Ibrahim Riaz

Education is deemed as one of the most vital, multifaceted action that plays a role in enhancing any country, any economy and yes even the world. What is taught today will be acted upon tomorrow, as can be the case when talking about the youth currently engaged in the either grueling or the most enlightening experience of their lives namely education. Whether education has the power to transform a community despite being one of the most asked after question nowadays it is also the easiest to answer, with an obvious answer which is “yes”.

Every day we are faced with problems stemming from a lack of education and awareness which showcases an inherent problem present within our society namely illiteracy. However even in educated society’s there are certain problems that arise despite a significant improvement specifically maintenance of educational standards and the curriculum preached there.

Let’s take the example of Lahore, one the most busy cities in the world where the people are rumored to never sleep and schools are in plentitude, we find that schools within a mere kilometer of each other have significantly varying levels and standards of education being provided, in one school you are drilled with the concept of your religion being the foremost principle while in another you are integrated with the belief that English will be your most effective tool in the coming years.

In schools of the past there was a lack of commercialization and consequently an increase in focus, amount of effort put in by teachers and the amount of loyalty and sincerity to the alma mater felt by both the students and teachers alike. In the golden days of the past there was a rule “three hard strikes with the stick, ensures obedience, discipline and does the trick”. However with recently rising sympathies the stick is felt less and less to a point where it has been declared immoral to beat a student in some institutes.

Agreeing that beating a student will result in a violent and in some cases harmful reactions but we have to be honest, this loss of the stick rule has led to the diminishing of discipline in schools nationwide and consequently led to a fall in output and results.

The problem here is that despite there being some schools with impeccable educational standards and exemplary discipline among its student without the utilization of the cane there are a lot more which do not. Schools like Aitchison College, Lahore boast some of the best results in the fields of Academics, Sports, Discipline and undoubtedly Co-curricular whereas government schools fail to come even near to the average schools like various branches of LGS namely Johar Town, 1-A1, Paragon etc, Learning Alliance, Sicas and Lahore Alma.

The basic problem here is the disparity between schools which is ever growing, dividing Pakistanis from a tender age due to a difference in schools and their teachings which will in turn cause a divided society. Having established the importance of education, its varying standards we will now analyze the consequences of ignoring this problem.

Intolerance is one of the most widespread problem faced by citizens all around the world, now when talking about intolerance we need to divide it into further sub topics to ease the process of understanding the problem. Intolerance despite having various forms can be entailed as religious, racial, creed, caste and gender intolerance. Each one these problems are problems with a need to be solved urgently as can be judged by viewing the current state of countries like USA, Syria, Iraq, Iran and even Pakistan to name a few.

Ironically we view air strikes as a solution which clearly demonstrates our short sightedness, yes these strikes and military approaches will help in killing the extremists which have been inculcated with these harsh ideologies but at the end it all comes down to one word “ideology”. The best way to eradicate this ideology is to provide a counter narrative which is education which help in not only increasing economic stability, aid the security situation but will ensure that the citizens achieve what they deserve and earn for themselves and ultimately helps the nation prosper. If we neglect our duties today and do not reform our standards of education for all, then we have in all honesty failed to uphold our responsibilities as citizens of Pakistan.

The writer is a student at Aitchison College, Lahore