SIALKOT -  The district administration partially opened the government schools in Indian shelling-hit villages after three-week closer in the wake of the unprovoked shelling by Indian BSF in the border villages.

District Monitoring Officer (DMO) M Aamir Raza said that there was a silence on both the sides along the Sialkot Working Boundary. Thus, the government schools in Sialkot border villages in Chaprar and Bajwat sectors have been opened partially, while the government and private schools in Sucheetgarh, Bajra Garhi, Harpal, Merajkey and Charwah sectors were still closed due to the mounted border tension.

The DMO hoped that the government schools lying closed would also be opened soon. He said that despite the unprovoked shelling even on the schools’ buildings in Sialkot border villages, the students were back to their schools with their high morale and high spirit of getting education and defend every inch of the Motherland.

The students also showed the walls of their schools shelled by the Indian BSF and the shells that hit the grounds of the several government schools in Sialkot border villages Joiyaan, Harpal, Sucheetgarh, Harpal, Daallowali, Thathi, Thathi Khurd, Thathi Kalan, Wainse Neewaan, Wainse Ooncha, Khuraaney,  Rasulpur, Anula, Nandpur, Behloola, Bajra Garhi, Umeraanwali, Raja Harpal, Merajkey, Charwah, Dhamala, Jarwal, Tulsipur, Rangor, Nakhnaal, Akhnor, Kingra and surrounding villages.

The buildings of the several government schools, their walls and grounds were badly damaged by the heavy mortar shelling.

The students wished to join their schools, saying that they were not afraid of any Indian shells as they wanted to go back to their schools. Most of the children were found there while playing with the remains of the mortar shells.

Meanwhile, the officials of Education Department visited the government schools. The officials reviewed the prevailing situation and hinted at early opening of all the closed government schools lying closed in Sialkot border villages.