GHALANAI - Assistant Political Agent Biazai Pir Abdullah Shah has urged the tribal elders to ensure child enrolment in their respective areas.

He said that education can play a vital role in the area development as well as create a better law and order situation in the area. In a function arranged by the education and political administration and others departments at Government Middle School Bahi Daag in the border area on Sunday, Shah stressed upon the tribal elders and officials of education department to sensitise parents that they should enrol each child in the area schools.

A walk was also arranged at Government Middle School Bahi Daag which was also attended by students, teachers, local tribesmen and volunteers.

Participants of the walk were holding banners inscribed with “Schools Admission Campaign.” They were chanting slogans “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Taleem Ko Aam Karo.”

The walk started from middle school Bahi Daag and culminated at Community Health Centre Bahi Daag.

Addressing the participants at the end, the APA urged the border area tribesmen to send their children from 4 to 11 years of age to school because education can play an important role in the development of a society. “Female literacy rate is very low in the tribal areas already, therefore, tribesmen should enrol more and more girls in the area schools,” Shah said.

He requested the local elders and social welfare workers of the area to directly complain to the assistant political agent office in case of teacher’s absence in the border area schools.

The APA said that for that purpose, the local administration had formed a committee for Biazai sub-division.

He said that local administration has started social activities for youth in the area.

He stressed upon the teachers to attend their schools regularly and focus on students study in the area.