LAHORE - Teachers from all over the country have strongley condemned the torture on a teen girl at City District Government Girls’ High School Kot Shahab Din, Shahdara.

In a statement from around 18 unions, it was demanded that the May 23 incident be probed thoroughly and perpetrators be brought to justice.

Two government teachers had reportedly pushed a class-IX girl student, Fajar Noor, from the third floor of Shahdara school building, causing her life-threatening injuries. They were booked after Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif took notice of the incident.

The teachers allegedly committed the crime after the girl refused to “clean the classroom on her turn”. The accused, however, are denying the allegations.

Different teachers’ unions, in a statement, said: “Teachers function as honourary parents for students and are entrusted to their care during school hours.

“Inflicting bodily harm or corporal punishment not only affects the student’s ability to learn but also results in parents losing faith in government schools and even teachers themselves.”

As representatives of teachers across Pakistan, the unions added in the statement: “We strongly condemn the use of corporal punishment and the practice of inflicting bodily harm to any student.

“We wish Fajr Noor, our daughter and the future of our country, a speedy and full recovery. We also demand that the relevant authorities conduct a thorough and transparent investigation and to bring the perpetrators to justice. We hope that this incident is the last of its kind.”

The statement was issued from Primary Elementary Teachers Association Rahimyar Khan, Punjab Association of Subject Specialists Lahore, Punjab Educators Association (PEA) Faisalabad, English Teachers' Association Lahore, All Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Subject Specialists Association (AKSSA) Peshawar, Mulgari Ustzan Nowshera, Wahdat e Asatzaa Peshawar, Director Physical Education Teachers Union Peshawar, All Arabic Teachers Union Peshawar, Physical Education Teachers Union Swabi, Government School Teachers' Association Peshawar, Primary Teachers' Association Sukkur, Government Teachers' Association (GTA) Quetta, Watan Teachers' Association (WTA) Quetta, Mutahida Mahaz Asataza National Haripur, Tanzeem e Asataza Lahore, All Pakistan Minority Teachers' Association Faisalabad and Senior Educational Staff Association Quetta.