I was shocked when I heard that in Baluchistan, schools are only name and present in papers, but in reality there is no any perfect school. However, in 2015 the ex-PM of Balochistan DR Abdul Malik said that in Balochistan 900 ghost schools were found. Unfortunately, in this year above 1500 schools have been found in the same category. This issue is increasing day by day. Why is  our government irresponsible? According to UNICEF's research more than 25 schools are without any building and there is no neatness. So recently, the DC of Khuzdar Sir Sohail Baloch visited some schools. He only found ghost schools, and nothing else. The teachers were absent. People have been using the schools for their animals and save their animals' forage. Finally, it is my humble request to the government of Pakistan to take an action because the future depends on them.


Turbat, July 28.