SWAT - A teenager was hanged to death in Qandeel area of tehsil Madyan after allegedly being molested, SP Investigation Nazir Khan said on Wednesday. 

The incident took place on September 19, when the deceased a thirteen-year-old Muhammad Ajmal left his home along with his sheep and goats to nearest cattle fields. The deceased’s family member felt alarmed when Muhammad Ajmal didn’t return home for about three hours. 

The family started search for the boy and a friend of the deceased Mubarak informed the family that Ajmal’s dead body was hanging with a tree at cattle field.  During the initial investigation, police said that Ajmal was molested for two times before being murdered and torched. 

Following the special directives of DIG Malakand Ijaz Khan, a special investigation team reached the spot and probed the incident. 

After tireless efforts, police arrested a close relative of the deceased Waqar and presented before the media. SP Investigation said that the accused had made confession and would be dealt according to law.