Lahore - Punjab Schools Education Minister Murad Raas inaugurated the launch of digitalised textbooks for primary grades at Arfa Karim Tower on Thursday.

Murad Raas said that this project is in line with the 100-day agenda of the Punjab government .

He reiterated his government’s resolve to develop the province as a hub of technology and education in South Asia, saying: “This project is an important step towards digital revolution in education sector as now students will be able to study well by using this facility free of cost. It has been observed that some students face difficulty in understanding their lessons because of various reasons in schools. It is expected that digital textbooks will helps the students to better understand their educational concepts and theories.”

He continued:  “Various tutorials lessons and videos have been provided to help the students to better understand different subjects.  An cell phone app has also been launched so that students could access this facility through their mobile phones. The Punjab government has bridged the divide between the poor and the rich students through this useful intervention and now students will be able to improve the intellectual ken. This facility is not limited to the province of Punjab but students from the whole of the country will be the equal beneficiary.”