Aakif Azeem is a survivor of the attack on APS Peshawar, and is very passionate about pursuing a career in Astrophysics. Currently, he is writing a book titled "The Darkness Within" redefining the basis of how it is like to live in Pakistan as a child and growing up.

Dr Aamir Butt was born in Lahore and is now living in the UK. He works for the national health service as a consultant dermatologist. He has interest in history and aspires to become a fiction writer 

Aamir Mughal is a retired Intelligence Officer of Directorate of Intelligence Bureau, Government of Pakistan. Follow him on Twitter

Abbis Haider is a graduate of King Edward Medical University and has studied journalism and sociology from Punjab University. He is currently conducting research in health in the US. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook

Abdul Ghafoor Kasi is a retired DIG.  He worked as a UN peace keeper in Bosnia and Herzegovina for three years. He is currently busy farming in Quetta

Abdullah Moeen is currently doing his A levels from LGS JT. One of his favorite hobbies is to write about the various aspects of his society.

Abdullah Nizamani is a law graduate from Hamdard University, Karachi and BPP University, London and is practicing law in Karachi. He may be reached at Follow him on Twitter