The ruling establishments in Pakistan wrongly believes that India is increasingly gaining control in Afghanistan , Senator John McCain has said. "India is very interesting, in my view, because there is a view in Pakistan that the Indians are taking control of the economy and forging close alliances with Afghanistan ," Mr. McCain said at a seminar on "The Path to Success in Afghanistan " organized by the Foreign Policy Initiative, a Washington-based think tank on Tuesday. "I don't think that's true, but there is that belief, and part of it is based on this deep-seated animosity that exists between Afghanistan and Pakistan," he said. This, Mr. McCain said reminds him that, still, if you ask the majority of the Pakistani people and military, they would probably say that the greater threat to their security is still India , as opposed to Afghanistan , which then makes understandable some of their lack of movement of troops, lack of efforts - significant efforts to assert - reassert control in certain parts of the border areas. So the relation among Afghan neighbours are complex, he added. "But I think that if we begin to succeed in Afghanistan and restore control and then all of the things that follow that, then I think their neighbours will behave in a more responsible fashion," he said.