ISLAMABAD (APP) The Ministry of Religious Affairs will hire 900 Pakistani students studying in Saudi Arabia as Khuddam-ul-Hujjaj for this years pilgrimage. Under the Hajj policy-2011, the number of local Khuddam has been increased from 250 to 900 whoms services will be hired at 100 Riyals per day, official sources told APP. For the welfare services, Medical Hajj Mission has been increased from 260 to 540, while 230 Khuddam will be drawn from Armed Forces, Civil Armed Forces and Pakistan Boy Scouts and the number of local Khuddam-ul-Hujjaj will be increased from 250 to 900 subject to availability of resources, they said. This year, one dispensary will be set up at each residential building acquired for the Hujjaj performing the religious obligation under the government scheme. The facility, equipped with doctors and paramedical staff, will be functional round-the-clock, they said. Around 180,000 pilgrims will be sent to Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj under the government and private schemes. Under the government scheme, applications are being received from April 15 to May 10 through 5,000 designated bank branches from across the country. This year, there will be no balloting for Hajj as the applicants will be selected on first-come and first-served basis to ensure transparency in the entire process, the sources said. The applicants, who had been unsuccessful in 2010 Hajj-balloting under the government scheme, would be declared successful, if they had not withdrawn their deposited amounts, they said. While, a person, who has performed Hajj during the last five years, will not be eligible this year except Mehram, group leader or undertaking Hajj-e-Badal.