ISLAMABAD – As expected, a junior police officer of Islamabad capital territory police refused to succumb to pressure and prompted police to register a case against protesters who thrashed and humiliated him on Tuesday on the occasion of long march.
Following application of Station House officer of Bahar Kahu police station, Islamabad police registered a case against the 21 protesters including Tahirul Qadri accusing them of disrupting official work, robbery, use of contraband arms, attempt to murder and inciting the people against the government.
Inspector Mahboob, Station House officer of Bahra kahu police station, was one of the officials whom the protesters, allegedly armed with sophisticated weapons, thrashed and even attempted to kill during a scuffle with police. Inspector Mahboob along with his subordinates sustained injuries and was rushed to hospital on Tuesday in the afternoon.
The police officer was asked by the higher government authorities to ignore the incident, who argue any retaliation could furious the marcher.
However, the police officer refuse to succumb to the pressure exerted by the higher authorities of federal Ministry of Interior and lodged a complaint with Kohsar police station against the protesters including Qadri.
The police registered a case against protesters and Qadri, on Wednesday, however, no more action has been taken yet.
“Police has registered a case against the workers of Tehreik Minhajul Quran and their leader after an officer of Islamabad Capital territory, who got injuries in the hands of marchers, lodged a complaint with Kohsar police station,” a spokesperson of Islamabad police confirmed to TheNation on Wednesday. He, however, said no action was taken to arrest the accused yet.
Reportedly, chief of Tehreik Minhajul Quran on Wednesday refuse the allegations and condemned registration of case against him and his comrades.
“These are pressure tactics and I am not among those who succumb to such pressure tactics,” Tahirul Qadri said while addressing the participants of long march.
It is pertinent to mention here that officials of Tehreik Minhajul Quran had application in the same police station seeking registration of case against interior minister Rehman Malik but the police was yet to take action in this regards.
It is important to mention here that on the second day of long march, clashes erupted between police and protesters causing multiple injuries to four policemen and a dozen protestors at D-Chowk.
The clashes erupted in the afternoon when a group of marchers tried to cross the barriers ahead of parliament prompting police to stop them.
The protesters, however, scuffled with the police and injured four policemen including a station house officer.
Protesters including youngsters threw stones at police that responded with tear gas, to disperse them. Reportedly, some of shells of tear gas hit the banker of Tahirul Qadri, and spread panic among the protesters including children, women and others.
According to a spokesperson of police, police fired tear gas at a growing crowd of protesters who converged on parliament until some demonstrators threw stones at security forces near Kulsoom Plaza.