The fuel adjustment charges periodically added in the electricity bills is a curse which the common man bears for no fault of his. Despite heavy loadshedding the amount of adjustment charges added to the bill for March 2012 are more than the actual consumption charges . While my consumption charges for the month are Rs. 7732.00 the fuel adjustment charges are Rs. 11962.00. These charges pertain to the month of August 2011 while the fact remains that the bills for some preceding months did contain the adjustment charges. Were the authorities fast asleep during the past six months? It is nothing but loot-mar sponsored by our corrupt and inefficient government. It is heartening that the Chief Justice Lahore High Court has taken notice of the issue and sought replies within ten days from the federal government, PEPCO, WAPDA and others concerned on this issue. Mr. Naveed Qamar the federal minister for water and power said on TV the other day that ‘the issue of fuel development charges is still under consideration’. The problem has become pretty complex. The last date for the payment of the current bills being March 30, I checked up from one of the WAPDA offices who said that since they have received no instructions on the subject the bills must be paid in full. We humbly request the Chief Justice LHC to issue immediate instructions to WAPDA/PEPCO not to charge the fuel adjustment charges till final decision of the case.
Lahore, March 28.