Too early to comment on Taliban’s peace offer, says US

The US has said it is too early to comment on Pakistani Taliban’s peace talks offer to Prime Minister-designate Nawaz Sharif.
“It would be premature for us to comment on any potential negotiations,” a State Department spokesperson told PTI when asked about peace talks offered by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan which is at war with the country’s government.
“The United States and Pakistan continue to have a vital, shared strategic interest in the fight against terrorism. We are working closely together to act against violent extremist groups that target both countries and deny them safe haven, and pursue a stable, peaceful, and prosperous region,” said the State Department spokesperson.
Leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), which won the recently held general elections, Sharif is all set to be sworn in as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
“All options should be tried, and guns are not a solution to all problems. Why shouldn’t we sit and talk, engage in dialogue?” Sharif was quoted as saying by the local media.
The banned Taliban had offered peace talks to the previous Pakistan Peoples Party-led government and named Sharif as one of three politicians who could act as guarantors for the process.

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