KARACHI - The nazim Liaquatabad Town Usama Qadri presented Rs 593.
503 million surplus budget for the fiscal year 2008-2009 in the town council showing a surplus of Rs 2.
819 million.
The Convenor of Town Council Muhammad Rehan Siddiqui, TMO Khalid Riaz Siddiqui, members of town council and town officers were also present.
Unfolding the details of budget, the nazim told the house that the total income of the town had been estimated at Rs 593.
503 million which included octroi district tax share of Rs 358.
600 million, share of property tax of Rs 33.
000 million, conservancy tax Rs 20 million.
Share of different taxes from CDGK Rs 1.
1200 million, recovery of water charges from contractors Rs 0.
700 million, road cutting charges Rs 40 million, fee from marriage gardens Rs 0.
990 million, expected government grant Rs 40 million, health tax from CDGK Rs 0.
250 million, land utilisation charges Rs 0.
250 million, SDSS programme Rs 20 million.
Revenue from shows/exhibitions Rs 0.
250 million while the income from town own sources has been estimated at Rs 65.
780 million, Rs 239.
323 million has been earmarked for development works.
Giving break-up of development expenditure he stated that Rs 225.
510 million for communication, electrical and mechanical, Rs 66.
034 million for parks and recreation, Rs 121.
343 million for municipal services and Rs l62.
627m for sanitation works had been provided in the budget.
Expenditures for non-development works has been estimated at Rs 351.
308 million, of which Rs 238.
916 million has been allocated for salaries, Rs 89.
734 million for administrative expenditure while Rs 22.
711 million has been reserved for maintenance.
The nazim in his budget speech reiterated that despite curtailment of due shares from government the Haq Parast leadership will continue to serve the people, provide all basic civic facilities and keep the town on the path of success.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 30-Jun-2008 here.