I know what you are thinking, love.

Your thoughts roar through your face.  

You think that you'll be spared, ehh?

You think that you'll keep on living your life?

And bad things will happen, but to someone else.

You'll feel sorry for them, utter a 'oh boy', and move on.

Once again, I ask

Do you really think that you’ll be spared, brethren?


You’ll be the last man standing?

You’ll start anew, all over again?

You’ll brave every siege, every tempest?

You’ll have your sight, in a world sans luminance?

You’ll bugger the eventuality that awaits you in the offing?

Grand are ye designs, dear charlie

Dare I ruin your illusion,

With a horrible little secret.

Listen attentively.

No, you won't be spared.

You'll be obliterated, eventually.  

You'll be blown to smithereens,

Just like them 'park-visiting-merry-people'

One moment, you'll be all life roaming carelessly,

The next, even your soul will vanish sans trace.

Listen, imperiled one.

No, don’t listen, as you’ve already heard much.

And the more you hear, the more aloof you grow.

The sins of your father have come full circle, shallow one.

Now they want your progenies’ lives as only penance.

You atone for deeds you didn’t commit by blood that is yours.

One last time, I want to ask you, brethren.

Do you still think that you’ll be spared?

And bad things will happen to all but you?