With nearly 1,200 vehicles being added to the city roads daily, parking problems in Karachi are compounding by the day. Colony roads, parking slots, basements and open parking areas in buildings and even open spaces now remain clogged with vehicles.

Frequent arguments, fights and even murders over the issue are becoming extremely common. The authorities have fallen well short of providing a wholesome solution to the problem. And with five lakh people coming to the city every year, even the suggested solutions come with a huge question mark.

The work done so far by the government and civic bodies, however, remain a cause for concern. “The multi-level parking concept has failed in places where the builder was allowed two floors of commercial space. The employees and visitors to these commercial spaces would consume all the parking spaces and I fear due to the high rates of parking in the future the entire space may become commercial.”

A resident of Nazimabad said the government would do well if it creates gradient parking instead of high side-walks outside most housing societies. “The need of the hour is to provide parking areas. Merely wishing it away makes no sense. In a city where illegal colonies are getting regularised, the master plan is being tweaked to help regularise illegal structures and farm houses. Would anyone be able to actually prevent people from purchasing vehicles or parking them?”


Karachi, March 13.