FAISALABAD-Bringing up and character-building of children in accordance with Islamic injunction is compulsory to eradicate social evils, poverty and darkness from the society, experts said.

The annual prize distribution ceremony and parents meeting of UAF run Junior Laboratory School were held.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Iqbal Zafar, Principal Officer Schools Dr Khalil-ur-Rehman, Laboratory Girls High Secondary School and College Principal Shehla Hammad and other notables also spoke on the occasion.

Dr Iqbal urged the parents and teachers to pay special attention on children so they could excel in life and become good citizens. He showed his concern that the attitude of children was becoming irrational due to excessive usage of technology including TV, mobile phones, and video games.

He stressed a need for setting the image of our real heroes in the minds of children so that they can follow in their footprints. He said that instead of our real heroes, the characters of cartoons, TV, and films were taking place in their minds that is a real problem.

He urged the parents to dedicate suitable time for the moral and educational grooming of their kids to save them from the irrational way of life. He said that food habit was changing as the majority of children are inclined to fast food that is not good for health. He said that majority of children did not take the breakfast that is disturbing their physical and mental abilities.

Dr Khalilur Rehman said that Islamic values must be inculcated in their personality that is the guarantee of a bright future. He said that the country was achieved after the great sacrifices. Now it is our duty to move it to the new horizons of development and prosperity. He said that they were making efforts to ensure the quality education and character-building of the students.

Shehla Hammad said that no nation can make development without ensuring quality education. She said that school was taking all possible steps for horning the skills of the students. She added that parents must ensure habit of breakfast in the children as majority of children did not take the breakfast.