Former Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has strongly deplored Israeli terrorism in Gaza and said that the killing of innocent children, men and women in barbaric bombardment of Israel was a war crime.

Talking to journalists here at Musa Pak shrine after Eid prayer, the former premier added that heavy bombardment on Eid days and subsequent casualties were highly condemnable, demanding the world leaders to stop Muslims’ genocide in Palestine.

Answering a question on deployment of Army in Islamabad, he said that the imposition of article 245 meant that the government failed in controlling the law and order situation in Islamabad. He added that the imposition of section 245 was not the solution to the problem because all issues would be settled on the table by the end. “I did not impose section 245 when lawyers’ held long march and we resolved the whole affair through dialogues without imposing the section,” he recalled the past. He also criticised government for what he said its failure in tackling the issue of IDPS and said that the government should learn a lesson from his rule when Swat IDPs were rehabilitated within 90 days without creating the law and order situation.