BAHAWALPUR-Bahawalpur region is custodian of great traditions and heritage and it is the bounden duty of the youth to revive these glorious traditions by following in the footsteps of the forefather.

Islamia University Bahawalpur Vice Chancellor Engr Prof Dr Athar Mahboob expressed these views while addressing the concluding session of Bahawalpur Model United Nations activity.

The VC said that Muslims have produced great heroes in every field who turned the tide with their conviction, hard work and skills, adding that students possess immense talent and energies which need to be channelized for the betterment of the nation.

Prof Dr Athar Mehboob pledged that the Islamia University of Bahawalpur would fully encourage and promote talent of students.

Bahawalpur State Model United Nations is one such MUN that was initiated in 2017 by a small group of students. MUN provides a debating platform for the youth to discuss issues of global importance to enhance their diplomatic skills, critical thinking and narratives. Another aim is to create a charity-based event where the generated revenue was to be given out for charity purposes besides there is a desire to put an end to the conservative and retrogressive norms of Bahawalpur, a city rich and ripe with a royal history whose essence got lost over the years.

The largest and finest MUN of Southern Punjab was held at Islamia University Railway Campus under the presidency of Muhammad Haider Bin Amir, which featured a total of 8 UN committees; General Assembly, DISEC, Human Right Council etc. The event spanned over four days, each day ended with a magnificent social event like Qawali Night, Festivista, Musical Concert and Formal Dinner/Award Ceremony.

IUB VC Engr Prof Dr Athar Mahboob said that Bahawalpur region is custodian of great traditions and heritage and the students efforts to promote soft image of the region is appreciable.

Vice Chancellor praised the students for harnessing their talent in diplomacy and analytical capability on various national and international issues. He said that Muslim history has witnessed a number of heroes in every field and youth should revive these glorious traditions by following in these footsteps and polishing their skills in their fields of interest.