ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Friday discharged the matter after Tourism Minister Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) Fida Khan tendered an apology from the nation and the concerned arrival in-charge of the Pakistan International Airline for manhandling him at the New Islamabad Airport.

While tendering apology, Fida Khan said that he sincerely repents the act committed by him on the New International Airport. He submitted that it ought not to have happened.

“In view of my heartfelt repentance, I tender an unconditional apology from the nation and concerned arrival in-charge of PIA and submit myself to the mercy of court with sincere assurance that such acts would not be repeated in any manner whatsoever in the future,” the apology stated read by Deputy Attorney General Syed Nayab Gardezi on the direction of Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar.

In November, the top court had taken notice of Khan’s misbehaviour after a video showing a man propelling an official at the Islamabad International Airport and burning his own luggage in protest against a delay in his flight went viral on social media.

Before accepting the apology, the CJ heading a three-judge bench came hard on the minister and ordered to play video of the incident in the courtroom. “O minister! How dare you acted in such a manner,” Chief Justice expressed anger on the minister after the footage ended.  He asked if the minister is educated and was in his senses.

The minister tendered an apology, saying the flights were continuously delayed on that day.

Justice Ijazul Ahsan, member of the bench, remarked that the flights get delayed on operational grounds questioning if this is the conduct of a minister and if this is how one should behave when a flight is delayed.

Fida Khan conceded that he pushed the official but there was no evil intention behind the act and that he is repentant on his act.

The CJ rejected the submission of minister and summoned the Inspector General of Police Islamabad for registering case against the minister.  The CJ remarked that the thug culture has to be rooted out adding that a poor man was humiliated.

The Chief Justice remarked that people like Khan should not be minister. Had there been any shame, the minister would have tendered resignation.

Meanwhile, IGP Islamabad Zulfiqar Ahmed arrived and appeared before the bench. The CJ asked the IGP as to why he has not come since he was transferred to the post on November 2.

IGP responded that the latter was abroad due to which he did not come.  The CJ said that he went abroad on short visit. The CJ, however, asked the IGP as what action police have taken in the matter regarding handling by minister.

IGP informed the bench that the area comes within the jurisdiction of Punjab. “Mr. Zulfiqar we don’t like such behaviour. Leave your  arrogance at home when you arrive here, this is court. We have been taking up the matters relating to human rights so representative of police should always be present in the court,” the CJ told the IGP.  “Alright, any further orders,” IGP responded but the bench again turned to the matter of manhandling by minister.

However, when the minister extensively pleaded not guilty and requested for forgiveness, the CJ directed him to submit a written apology showing remorse. Later, the CJ accepted the written apology observing that the reason for forgiveness is immense love for the people of GB.