Lahore          -     The Lahore Arts Council (LAC) hosted a classical music programme Alhamra Cultural Complex Gadhafi Stadium.

Renowned classical singer Nadeem Mirza performed in the program. During the event Nadeem Mirza presents Ghazals of Mirza Ghalib, Ahmad Faraz, Habib Jalib and Nasir Kazmi which was met immense applause by the audience. Nadeem Mirza has been abroad for the past 30 years and very active in the promotion and development of classical music there.

Executive Director Alhamra Athar Ali Khan said that, this classical program aims to promote classical music and provide quality entertainment to public.

He said: “We are trying to give people a quality entertainment because today’s stressful life needed more relaxation than ever. A large number of people from all walks of life participated in the program, enjoyed the music and appreciated efforts of Lahore Arts Council for the promotion of arts and culture.