ISLAMABAD - A sort of deadlock on economic issues continued between the parliamentary parties of the PPP and the PML-N, however, they made progress in the joint agenda of evolving consensus on, inter alia, Accountability Bill. The two committees primarily working together on 10-point agenda of the PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif could not proceed on economic issues primarily for unavailability of the government committees head Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh. Secondly, the PML-N side remained adamantly in opposition to the governments intentions to increase the petroleum products prices in a bid to adjust them to the international tariff. A subcommittee on the new pricing formula for the petroleum products also failed to proceed on Monday as the members from the PML-N categorically denied approval to the imminent increase in the prices. The PML-N has already demanded of the government to keep the prices of the petroleum products capped at the present levels unless the subcommittee with Petroleum Minister Syed Navid Qamar in chair comes up with a new pro-consumer pricing formula. At present the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority simply adjusts the domestic prices of the petroleum products to the movement of the crude oil in the international market. Regarding the issue of accountability, the two committees gave first reading to the latest draft law in this regard. Law Minister Babar Awan and the PML-N committee head Senator Ishaq Dar told the media after the meeting that the two sides had agreed that the accountability of the judges and the generals would be done under just one law and there would not be any preferential accountability law for any of the institution.