No doubt the present government’s decision to hold talks with Taliban (TTP), in order to ensure peace and security in Pakistan is being appreciated widely by not only the masses but also by media that has now become a target. TTP will take three to four days more before they reach any final decision for holding talks with the government’s nominated four member committee, after consulting with their Shurah that is consisted of majority of Mahsud’s. One of the factors that require attention is “What if the TTP affiliate the peace talks with the immediate withdrawal of Pakistani security forces from FATA”? Will the government be in any position to accept the demand? If not, than definitely there would be no talks at all. The majority in TTP’s Shurah are from Mahsud tribe who would never forget the killings of their two chiefs and the drone attacks. Obviously, they would never allow peace talks under security forces presence in their area. TTP has talked about implementing the ‘Islamic Laws (Shariah)’ according to their own belief so how would our government do that?

TTP may find it hard to curtail their activates as they have a long revenge list. They killed three media people for giving some report which they did not like, how can we have talks with such unreasonable people? And who is safe from their wrath! I would like to ask Pakistan government when TTP comes to the table for talks will they arrest them for murders which they committed and took responsibility for? If not, how can our government talk with a group that has head money and has accepted publically to be murders?

There should be some concrete steps towards handling these peace talks with TTP but there is a lot of confusion about other militant groups in FATA and Baluchistan including Haqanis, whether they would also be treated in the same manner like TTP or the establishment has opted for different a way to handle them? These talks if they happen will break or make Pakistan which is deeply affected by the militancy. Everyone wants peace now but there are so many hidden game players and so many different agenda’s in operation that this is becoming a very difficult chess game in central Asia.


Islamabad, January 30.