Wah Cantt - The Charsadda tragedy has prompted the local administration to beef up security of educational institutes and a security audit committee has been constituted to monitor security measures of all universities, schools and colleges located in Taxila and Wah Cantonment.

According to inside sources, the committee has found that security of the educational institutions is full of loopholes and expressed its dissatisfaction over arrangements made by respective school administrations. The committee carried out security audit of 28 educational institutes of category A+, 32 educational institutes of category A and over 100 institutes of category B. The committee found that security measures of only one educational institution are as per SOP set by the government while rest of the educational institutions were directed to improve their security within 3 days, failing which legal action would be taken against them as per the government’s directives.

The members of the committee including assistant commissioner, sub-divisional police officer, district education office and officials from reserved branch of police visited different educational institutions including Wah Medical College, Wah Engineering College, University of Wah, University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Heavy Industries Taxila Education City, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Wah Cantt, government schools and private educational institutions.

The members discussed security measures with the heads. The school heads have been directed to ensure foolproof security measures to ensure safety and security of students failing which legal action would be taken against them.

“The force will carry out a quick audit and produce a detailed report within week,” said Deputy District Education Officer Abdul Khaliq, a member of the security audit committee while talking to the journalists.

“The district administration and police have constituted a foolproof security strategy for private, government and missionary educational institutions,” he added.

He said that heads of all educational institutions have been asked to acquire certificate after completing all security arrangements. He added if the school administration fails to adopt foolproof security measures, the premises can be sealed.