Lahore is now home to a lot of different types of cuisines raging from Japanese to Italian to Mexican food. One new addition to these restaurants is Zucchini, a Mediterranean restaurant that offers a wide range of dishes including Lebanese, French and Italian dishes. We obviously had to give the restaurant a try, which is exactly what we did on a Friday night. We couldn’t help but notice that even on a Friday night, when restaurants started getting crowded for the weekend, this restaurant managed to radiate an aura of peace and tranquility.

The Ambiance:

We fell in love with the ambiance immediately that radiated class and comfort. The lighting in most areas was dim enough for one to relax but bright enough for one to read the menu clearly and see the food properly too. The décor consisted of wood and marble, making it exceptionally beautiful. The playlist that was playing, however, was a mix of songs by Enrique Iglesias which we felt didn’t do justice to the restaurant’s ambiance.

The food:

We went on to divulge into a 3 course meal which, I must emphasize, was something we’d do all over again.

The starters:

Our starters included Caprese, Mediterranean prawns and the Mezze platter. Before the starters, we had fresh orange juice and mint margaritas. The orange juice was a bit sour, but was perfectly pure orange juice. The margaritas were refreshing but could use some more mint. We were also given complimentary bread with a tantalizing balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip. 


The Caprese, we learnt, was made up of imported mozzarrela cheese. On a bed of fresh, juicy tomatoes, this cheese was full of flavor. This particular starter was extremely refreshing.

The Mezze platter was a blend of flavours; four different dips served with pita bread and olives. Our personal favourite was the Taboulleh which was a mixture of tomatoes and parsley.

The prawns had the perfect level of spice and were smothered in a very rich, almost gravy like sauce. The salad that came with the prawns had a very sweet and tangy dressing which enhanced the flavor of the prawns.

The main course:

The restaurant has a wide variety of main courses and has a very good range of meats offered. We tried the Lamb Shank, Polo Parmigiano, Grilled Red Snapper in Tarragon Sauce and Grilled Jumbo prawns.

Lamb Shank:

The meat was falling off the bone and was perhaps the most tender meat we have ever tried. Smothered in a salty brown sauce, this dish got our taste buds excited. However, the sauce wasn’t completely homogenous resulting in certain bites saltier than the other. The vegetables on the side were a bit too salty but the mashed potato was perfect.

Polo Parmigiano:

This chicken dish comprised of very well cooked chicken in a heavy sauce. The basil sauce with the chicken was indeed very creamy and did justice to the chicken.

Grilled Red Snapper:

The fish was cooked to perfection and melted in our mouths. It came with a slightly tangy tarragon sauce and rice.

Grilled Jumbo Prawns:

The Jumbo prawns were an absolute delight and a must have for all prawn lovers. They had a slightly smokey aftertaste and a garlicky sauce all over them making us crave for more.

The dessert:

For dessert we had their molten lava cake and crème brulee. The crème brulee was crispy at the top and soft at the center i.e. perfect. The lava cake, however, was slightly overcooked and didn’t have as much chocolate at the center as expected.


The overall experience:

Zucchini is one of the few fine dining restaurants in Lahore that actually live up to their expectations. The ambiance, the quality of the food, the professionalism of the staff are all commendable. Speakig to their chef, Mr. Hamid, we learnt that the restaurant uses pure parmesan cheese instead of salt in all its dishes. Everything is made in house, including the breads and pastas. Furthermore, the cheeses are imported from Italy via Dubai meaning the restaurant delivers what it promises; high quality food. The most expensive dish on the menu is a steak which costs 4500 rupees while starters start at close to 400 rupees. On average, the per head cost can be estimated at 1500-5000 depending on what you order. However, the experience, we believe, is absolutely worth it. Do we recommend it? Absolutely!