LAHORE - A mysterious yet beautiful new drama serial Cheekh is taking leaps and bounds to reach the top of audience attention. The stunning story of sister like friends takes a big turn. The catastrophe puts many innocent lives upside down. The Big Bang Entertainment team must get the credit for creating a masterpiece such as Cheekh. The talented cast put a life in their characters, making this serial a must watch obsession.

The mystery begins as the brutally tortured friend of Mannat, Nayab takes her last breath in hospital, looking at Wajih and uttering his name. The disastrous moment breaks down the loving friends of Nayab. Manat and Haya mourn on their best friend’s dead body. They even face and tolerate the blames for murdering Nayab. The cunning step mother of Nayab mourns over her lost step daughter’s dead body because she can’t cash her anymore. She is indeed a materialistic woman.

S.H.O. Amir Khan visits Yawer at home to negotiate the dismissing of the case but Yawer refuses. This makes the mean S.H.O. really annoyed and manipulative. He calls Mannat at his Police office and tells her that Wajih is guilty for her friend’s death. At that very moment Mannat doesn’t believe the S.H.O., yells at him and returns back home. It doesn’t take much time for her to suspect Wajih for ruining and murdering her best friend. S.H.O. plays the same game with Nayab’s father who at once rushes to Wajih’s house to grab his neck.

Ramzan grabs Wajih and starts beating him like crazy. Yawer pushes him away from Wajih, telling him that it’s just a trick. Ramzan doesn’t stop and keeps blaming them for killing his daughter while Mannat stands there completely tangled. After he is gone, Mannat turns towards Wajih with a blaming stare, freezing Wajih where he stands. The love of her dearest friend can make Mannat turn blind and go against her own family. Will she ever find out who the real guilty one is? We hope she does. Is Yawer hiding something really big? Who else is involved in her murder? Our hearts are clutched in anticipation as a great mystery is yet to be solved in the upcoming episode. Fingers crossed!