It has been five months since the government has taken charge. In this short period it has faced a lot more criticism than the previous governments of PPP in 2008 and PMLN in 2013 had to face. If talk shows and social media are to be believed then it seems the government has fallen from grace, it has travelled very quickly from hope to harsh criticism. But what needs to be understood is that if this period is enough to judge the performance of a government and to draw any conclusion.

There are many reasons of this scathing criticism that the government is facing. The foremost one is that PTI formed its government against the hostility and opposition of all the status quo parties mainly PPP and PMLN, who never wanted to give space the third party in political system of Pakistan. Imran Khan had been very vocal against the leaderships of these parties after 2013 general elections and mainly during his election campaign. In last two tenures these parties were in government and PTI was in opposition. Now the case is opposite and PTI is in government. Resultantly, PTI is receiving the backlash of that criticism, without debating that the criticism is positive or just for the sake of criticism and opposition.

Another factor is that there is disarray PTI ranks which unfortunately the party could not overcome. Because of this even the second rank leadership is not afraid of criticising its own top leadership and their unpopular decisions. Those who are well connected with the politician know that even PTI leaders criticise Imran Khan in drawing room talks and private meetings. The rumour about the resignation of Finance Minister is one of its examples. This is not the case with politicians belonging to PLMN even though their leadership is in hot waters these days and facing charges against them. They defend their leadership clear headedly and do not talk negative about their leadership.

Reformist agenda of the ruling party is one of the major factors of this criticism. It is reality that everyone talks nicely and wants an ideal environment in Pakistan as it is in other developed countries. Everyone wants the rule of law and corruption free Pakistan. But when it comes into action, most of us become hostile because we all consider ourselves sacred cows in some corner of our mind. Everyone wants that actions should be taken against others. This is the case not only with politicians but with every one of us as well. It is because our whole system is evolved in corruption – be it on small or on big level. Skipping office hours, using official stationary or infra-structure, using one’s authority or giving gifts or cash to someone for undue favours are also forms of corruption. So when the Prime Minister says that there is zero tolerance about corruption; ministers and all other officials be they doctors, teachers etc should be in their offices and give their full time, then it annoys all those who are in habit of taking any such relaxation. Ultimately they start criticising. They say that instead of focusing on economy the PM is looking after the office timing, who comes into the office and who goes etc. In such criticism there is no distinction that either one is a PTI support or not. Secondly, most of the politicians in the ruling party had been the part of PPP and PMLN whose leaders are facing the corruption charges. These politicians have also been the part of that system so the slogan ‘zero tolerance against corruption’ also disturbs them.

The anti-encroachment drive, plans to reform bureaucracy are other major reasons of such harsh criticism. Opposition parties and corrupt elements in bureaucracy are annoyed most about the reformist agenda of the present government. They know the fact that if the government delivers 50 percent of this agenda, it will eclipse their future, which is unbearable for them.

Before general elections PTI portrayed as if they will make everything alright within months. People were expecting that once Imran Khan becomes PM, their fate will turn within days or months. But the truth is stranger than fiction. After taking charge of the government PTI has started to work day and night and trying to achieve their targets quickly, but it needs at least two more years when people will start receiving the fruits of all these unpopular steps for which government is facing criticism right now.

There can be many more reasons but the reality is that Imran Khan is treading on a less travelled road which is difficult to walk but the harbinger of prosperous and developed Pakistan. What the PM Imran Khan should keep always in mind is that people have attached great hopes with him because of the promises he made with the people of Pakistan. Has he becomes successful in delivering half of what he had been saying during his speeches, he will be considered successful. But, God forbids, if he fails then he will face more pungent criticism than PPP and PMLN leadership has faced. Up till now the future of Pakistan looks bright under the leadership of Imran Khan and may Allah Almighty give him more courage and vision to serve his country.

The author is based in Lahore.

What the PM Imran Khan should keep always in mind that people have attached great

hopes with him because of his promises he made with the people of Pakistan.