In my previous article titled “Coronavirus - Global scare” in this paper on January 29, 2020, I had mentioned the detailed description regarding “Coronavirus” that has become a global threat right at the beginning of the New Year. In my article, I had hinted about a movie based on a theme of a virus and now would like to begin with a reference of an American movie “Contagion” released in 2011 which follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days transmitted by each other. As the fast-moving epidemic grows, the worldwide medical community races to find a cure and control the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself. The deadly outbreak fictionalized in the movie is the combination of influenza and a real-life virus called Nipah virus, which causes inflammation of the brain and respiratory disease. The interesting thing to note here is that the woman who falls ill with the flu in this film which also kills her and later infects others has been shown to have carried it from “Hong Kong’’ on a business trip. The other important thing is that, at the end of the movie, there is a flashback that explains where the fictional MEV-1 (Nipah) virus came from actually. It is shown that a native bats’ habitat is razed to the ground to build a factory, and a bat which remains alive, flies into a pig farm nearby. There, the fruit is dropped from the bat’s mouth which mingles with food eaten by the pigs. One of the slaughtered pigs is prepared in a swanky Hong Kong restaurant where the said woman shakes hands with the chef who presumably has some of the new virus on his hands and the Global pandemic begins. 

I am compelled to think that the Coronavirus outbreak is unfolding exactly like the plot of this movie. Everything in the movie seems to be creating an analogy with Coronavirus as both are eerily similar, the bat is the source and China is the source of origin. I kept on thinking and recalling all of the biological warfare in the history that is too lethal and scary for human beings. There have been biological warfare in the world for a long time that even Saddam Hussain had used biological weapons on Kurds whereas, later it was proven that Saddam Hussain government was not potent enough to do such a thing which means that these biological weapons might have been supplied to him by some other countries whose names were never made public. The biological weapons can be used by launching through conventional means and they can even contain viruses that could be leaked anywhere at a public place. Such viruses are capable of multiplying their victims as the launching medium is air and virus forces its way through breathing which does not discriminate among victims. I am forced to think as a law enforcer having a bit of analytical ability as to why was this virus erupted in the tourist hub of China. This city Wuhan is in-fact a modern railway junction which connects all the major cities of China and it had emerged as the heart of China. This deadly virus selected a central hub of China where it successfully attacked the innocent citizens of China and tourists. I think this virus is highly calculative in its actions to have selected this country which is the fastest growing economy in the world. This brainy virus knew that no one on this planet could dare to expose its secret entry into China and it will grow like a killer monster which will start from China but the fear will prevail worldwide. There will be numerous deaths and will continue to cripple the life of a common man and paralyze the government functionaries.

Apparently, it is attacking the innocent Chinese but in actuality, this genius virus has its long term pre-planned agenda against China to destroy its economy by characterizing them as septic in the world. Let us see now if the Chinese will ever be able to reach through the investigation as to where it started its journey from and how will its growth be blocked. Perhaps the imaginary virus shown in the said movie has sprung out turning into a reality. This should not be called Coronavirus but it deserves the name as Anti- China Organic Warfare (ACOW) created by this genius this living virus. With this emerging scenario of biological warfare, it looks that this Genius Virus scared the world in exactly the same manner as the viewers of the said movie were scared while watching the last scenes. Let us analyze as to how this Virus will try to attempt to damage China and let us see what counter firewalls will be used to protect its people and economy.

In coming days, the media voices will raise making an effective hue and cry on an international level against China-based on this virus 

This Genius Virus is bound to get the attention of Western media which will soon get automatic publicity being a devil and Icon of death. It will also be used to raise concerns regarding Chinese food products, start undermining its hygiene and make the Chinese products skeptical.

This Genius Virus will get planted by making its entry in a few tins food, will be detected purposefully and eventually its presence will be negatively projected, hence, it will be its first hit on Chinese products warranting worldwide ban on the export of Chinese products being Coronavirus affected. This will be a big setback to China and China must trace its origin or any other legitimate doubt.

This Political Virus will ensure the travel restrictions to be imposed on Chinese people to isolate China from the rest of the world. This will be another successful attempt by its creator against China as China can be isolated easily from the rest of the world through this virus.

The virus has already sent strong signals to WHO which is tightening its muscles to declare China as a potential threat for global health using the food security cover as a threat to rest of the world and this will be a third success against China as it will tarnish its image among International food markets under Coronavirus.

Coronavirus may turn to be the most modern key Quotient which will gradually cut China socially both locally and abroad. That means Genius Virus has the power to close down the intentional transport both ways using its severe threat. The Genius virus has already done its half job as we have noticed the airlines have already stopped forthwith. The creator of this deadly virus will gradually witness the stoppage of all international airlines flying to and from China.

This Genius Virus has created traumatic effects in the International community against China as nobody would like to welcome it on their doors and there will be serious threats to inflict the economy of China in multiple ways especially through high rated propaganda in terms of the travel ban. There will also be an alarming scare by the issuance of health warnings and security warnings as insurance companies will stop issuing insurance policies for travelers to China.

The Genius Virus will be buzzing in the ears of international decision-makers to put a ban on all agriculture products of China. It is a well-determined fact that the Chinese economy is based on exports which are very high in volume and have a major contribution to the growth of Chinese GDP.

The Genius Virus will ensure to be used by media against the Chinese faces to ensure to create fear of catching this virus. It will create fear like it was created in Pakistan from a suicide bomber.

The world also noticed that the market used to get deserted with the presence of Arabs after 9/11 and now you would hardly find any Arab moving in their traditional address with pride. The media propagated in such a way that Arabs threw that pride and made their international movements safe. The Genius Virus is using international media, in the same way, to gradually raise global concern on this virus and make the Chinese food/culture/hygiene as highly disputed through fear technology. I have just expressed my fears for our Chinese friends and hope that they will be able to put this genie back to the bottle and hope they will have a thorough probe into the entire episode to be able to reach to the original creator of this Genius Virus and will successfully combat the Coronavirus. There is no doubt about this Coronavirus looks to be like a weapon of “biological warfare” and only time will tell us if its manmade biological warfare broke out by mistake or by design or it is some “natural biological warfare” because of undue interference in nature. The world would like to know the real facts on the ground as to how the Coronavirus came into being -a full facts sheet is required. The people of Pakistan stand firmly with China and its people at this difficult junction of the time and Pakistan will always be at their disposal for any assistance. The whole world knows that the Coronavirus cannot deter the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which is based on strong friendship between the two countries. I am sure that the testing and troubling phase will soon overcome under the able leadership of President Xi Jinping and PM Li Keqiang and by the spirits of our brave Chinese brothers and sisters. We in Pakistan are equally worried over the outbreak of Coronavirus and are aggrieved over the loss of human lives in China because of this deadly virus.