A strange and unethical practice in our country is to rewrite history to glorify or abase events and personalities. We must acknowledge the good that was initially done by President Ayub and the bad that was done by Z.A. Bhutto of PPP. Ayub Khan had vision and it is manifest and fully documented in the vast reforms and development he undertook and which have sustained us till now. Sadly Bhutto left a legacy, which negates the very basis of democracy. He refused to accept the majority rule and gave away half the country to grab power and made us an ill-disciplined nation. Those of us who followed him are equally responsible for these crimes. The idea here is not to belittle or exaggerate someone's place in history but to put it in the right perspective. Ayub Khan should not be mentioned with military rulers that came later and Z.A. Bhutto and his daughter's name should not be mentioned with the greats of our history. Both of these stands are wrong. -KHURAM KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, December 24.