LAHORE-Bands and artistes don’t win followers unless they engage with audience. Playing live music is the ultimate dream for a true artiste. It’s absolutely necessary to feature new artistes with good talent, who are ready to take the leap of faith in their skills. The Levi’s Live Music third session took place at Riot Studios captivating audiences with the live renditions.

The third live session featured Noorzadeh Raja and Rakae Jamil as the opening act and Noori as headliner at Levi’s Live. This is a platform to play live music for talented young upcoming musicians to reach their creative heights in the Pakistani music industry. The audience could be seen tapping their feet and young crowd enjoying the live music sessions.

The opening night was attended by musicians, music enthusiasts, students from various institutions and an eclectic mix of personalities who enjoyed the live session. The sound, stage setup, lights and the atmosphere mesmerized the audience who were seen singing to the tunes of the music. The studio space has been specially redesigned for the Levi’s live featuring denim walls of the iconic blue shade of the brand.

Farhad Humayun of Riot Studios said, “The third session showed me that people are letting go of their inhibitions. The audience is much freer and not only is the music enthusiasts coming to Levi’s Live but also those who are interested in making a change through art and design and dialogue. Noori killed it with their set and I’m so happy to see artistes like Shiraz Uppal who was in the audience but then sang to embrace a loving audience. Younger artistes are also getting a chance to showcase their work and I think we are on to something really unique here. The musicians who performed in the previous Levi’s live session have been appreciated far and wide and the crowd loves it.