KABUL: Although Russia, China, and Pakistan recently held a session to assess the situation in Afghanistan, but a senior Russian diplomat says, the three countries have no program for meditation in Afghan peace negotiations.

Zamir Kabulov, the special envoy of Russia in Afghanistan has said that Moscow, Beijing, and Islamabad have no plan for peace negotiations, because they have received no request in that regard. He made clear that Moscow session has been held to widen regional cooperation regarding improvement of situation in Afghanistan. 

According the Russian special envoy, the three countries that participated in Moscow session believe there is a need for a more comprehensive regional formation in Afghanistan in cooperation with the country to set up new objectives. One of the matters agreed upon in tripartite session was carrying efforts for removal the names of Taliban’s leaders from the UN black list.

According to Afghan politicians, Moscow session is a clear message for western countries, America, and the gulf countries that indicates the participants of Moscow conference use Taliban against their objectives and interests in the region.

Meanwhile, the Afghan political experts have said that although Russia and China are the permanent members of UN Security Council, but other members of the Security Council such as America, France and UK stand against them and will not let Russia and China achieve their goals. Therefore the endeavors of Russia, China and Pakistan for removing the names of Taliban’s leaders from UN black list would be in vain. On the other hand, other countries like India that considers security and stability  in Afghanistan effective for ensuring security and stability in its own country is not pleased with Moscow session and the decisions made by the authorities of Russia, China and Pakistan, because, Taliban during their rule and during the last fourteen years have attacked Indians interests in Afghanistan.