Human beings are the gem of all creations because of their intellect, insight, and wisdom. Humans remained committed to inventions and discoveries. First of all, the man learned how to make himself safe and survive against the adversity of nature. He invented the greatest invention, the wheel. 

As the time passed, the inventions and discoveries increased. The man’s progress began to reach the current zenith of technology. Even now, he is not satiated with this remerge of technology. Now modern technology has helped man in every sphere of life. It assures comfort, safety and peace in human life. However, too much use of it makes the man too much dependent on it. It is comfortable and safe for us but constructive and destructive at the same time as well. 

Technology made the world smaller by providing communication tools. It explored the solar system and the universe, and proved that technology is truly significant in human advancement. In order to facilitate himself and his fellows, the man has converted all raw material into usable resources. So, we became too dependent on technology. 

This dependence has not only made human beings’ life so facilitated, comforted and luxurious but also this dependence has made him lazy, sluggish and somewhat weak and feverish physically. Though technology proved itself as a friend, facilitator, and comforter, its destructive capabilities in warfare have proved to be more deleterious rather than to be constructive. There is no question that such high-tech devices have enriched our lives and made everything easy. So, it is a natural thing for man to become dependent on technology. 

The usage of technology has also increased the level of crimes and criminals. Its improper use or misuse makes mankind fearful and increases the suffering of mankind. In this age, most of the kids play video games and stay indoors. This way, most of their time is wasted in using these technologies. Nowadays, we cannot survive without internet and smartphones. Walking through public places, we notice people standing right next to each other but don’t say a word to each other. They are holding a conversation on internet or phone. One day breakdown of the internet can create a massive disaster in different spheres of the life. Even little things can cause stress for us. 

This is a fact that too much usage of anything makes the user its slave and dependent on it. It can be used in both the ways, positive and negative. It is advisable that the use of everything must be proper, balanced and poised. Then its use can assure the user with all its benefits. Otherwise, this can be harmful to health, body and mind alike. 


Lahore, December 30.