ISLAMABAD - The water sector projects were released more than Rs. 31 billion during first ten months of this year to ensure their timely implementation. This amount was utilized out of total allocated budget of Rs. 57.8 billion for projects including substantial completion (phase-I) of Kachhi Canal in Balochistan and Rainee Canal Sindh for irrigating 2.864 million acres. According to Planning Division here on Monday, the other was Operational of Mangla Dam Raising Project and completion of Satpara Dam in Gilgit Baltistan and completion of Gomal Zam Dam in Tribal/Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area for irrigation of 163,100 acres of agriculture land and 17.4 MW power generations.

Moreover, the authorities during the period, also utilized Rs. 3.25 billion to overcome water scarcity for lining of irrigation channels in Punjab and Sindh.

For the modernization of existing irrigation system, an amount of Rs. utilized on improvement of existing irrigating system in Punjab, Sindh & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Around Rs. 17.77 billion is also expected to be utilized on construction of new small/medium dams in all over Pakistan (Mangla, Satpara, Gomal, Darwat, Nai Gaj, Kurram Tangi & Naulong dams).

In Balochistan about Rs. 5.8 billion is expected to be utilized on construction of new small/delay action dams, improvement of existing irrigation system and flood schemes.

In drainage sector a sum of Rs. 4.901 billion has been allocated for fast track implementation of RBOD-I, II & III projects to protect and reclaim 4.9 million acres of irrigated land remained continue.