An attack in Kabul’s diplomatic area the other day killed at least 90 people and left about 400 injured with the count rising. A number of Pakistani and other officials of other embassies were injured also. Condemnations poured in, promises for retribution were made, and by tomorrow deaths and injured would be forgotten statistics. No one will follow up on how many died later of injuries received in this attack; how many families were destroyed; how many lost the sole bread earner; or now many survived without a limb, an eye, an arm or a broken back.

This is not the first nor the last such attack. But I don’t want to call it a black day any more, it was a bloody day. This day and all such days have spilled human blood due to religious hate, and political policies. Its splashes will fall on those scars on the souls of all survivor of terrorism. The burning smell will reach those too who remained silent. Its heat will reach those who consider these fallen bodies as figures only.

Day before yesterday a 7/7 London survivor committed suicide because he could not forget those horrifying scenes revived by the Manchester carnage. Every time a terrorist attack took place and killed people, he relived the painful memories. He did not die due to memories of terrorism, he died due to terrorism. He is no statistic, he was a human with feelings, life, and family.

This was a major case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); he needed help and like him there are many who need help after such incidents. But unfortunately anyone suffering from PTSD is usually considered mad, which he or she is not. They need help in getting out of the trauma they have been through, which can take a long time.

Few days ago, another survivor of 7/7 who lost both her legs in the train attack saw a pre-7/7 picture of herself walking on the beach. That feeling cannot be explained only those who know its implication can understand. Some years back, a couple was getting married and the wedding was attacked. The bride and groom survived but both lost both of their parents – imagine how they spend their wedding anniversary. The Army Public School attack in Peshawar left parents as lost souls on earth. The family who lost seven members at Wagha, and the gentleman who lost his wife, daughter and sister in law in Mena bazar at Peshawar.

These are some of the stories from across the globe that I have mentioned, but after every attack there are tons of stories that can be penned down. Do we ever bother to go back and check on those shattered souls?

To many, I am mad who keeps getting involved with such survivors, but believe me no one deserves this. Not even your worst enemy should go through the pain I've seen in those empty eyes, lost smiles, broken souls, silent cries, anger, unanswered questions of those who have gone through this trauma.

The question here is will this agony ever end? Most will answer “Not in our life time at least.” Our own created monstrous policies are coming back to haunt us and many generations to come. Please don’t try to explain this away through politics or religion, national interest, or expediency!

May it be Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, US, Britain, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Spain, Indonesia or any other country in the world, all of their governments are to be blamed, none of them are saints nor better than the another. Each one of them are responsible for each body, dream, tear falls on this earth due to their policies.