PESHAWAR - The Food Department collected a fine of Rs. 820,000 from food violators during Ramazan with initiating legal action taken against 677 people involved in food violations in urban and rural areas.

According to a report released by the food depart­ment here, more than 2,000 shops were checked by the department and fines of Rs. 820,000 were im­posed during Ramazan.

During Eid-ul-Fitr, a grievance cell was set up for the convenience of the citizens and actions were tak­en as soon as the complaints were received.

On the direction of Provincial Minister for Food Al­haj Qalandar Lodhi, Secretary Food Department Nis­ar Ahmed, Director Muhammad Zubair Khan, a spe­cial team was formed under the supervision of Ration Controller Aftab Umar against vendors involved in selling substandard food items during Ramadan.

Food controllers, food inspectors and others conducted operations in different areas while As­sistant Food Controller Tasbihullah took action on 134 complaints registered with the Pakistan Citi­zen Portal.

During Ramadan, the food department checked more than 2,000 shops across Peshawar and cracked down on 677 people for violating the Food Act, in­cluding 249 butchers, 28 bakery owners, 92 vegeta­ble sellers, 97 fruit sellers and 45 others.

Action was also taken against milk sellers besides 71 grocery store owners, 47 chicken sellers, 36 bak­ers and 6 flour dealers. Similarly, two middlemen were arrested for increasing the prices of lemons.

Talking to media, Rationing Controller Aftab Omar said that in order to provide quality and fixed food items to the citizens during the holy month of Rama­dan, the officials of the Food Department performed their duty honestly and issued official price list in the fruit and vegetable markets in the morning.