LAKKI MARWAT – Two women were killed and an infant received injuries when the roof of a house collapsed on them due to torrential rains in Rasoolkhel area of Frontier Region Lakki.

According to reports received here on Thursday, the recent spell of heavy downpour played havoc in parts of the frontier tribal region. The rains caused damage to several houses in Shadikhel, Paakhel, Wargaray and Rasoolkhel localities besides adding to the miseries of tribesmen.

In Rasoolkhel area, a roof of one Akbar Khan’s house collapsed at midnight. As a result, wife of Akbar Khan, another woman and an infant Hafeezur Rehman were seriously injured.

The wounded women died on way to hospital while the wounded baby was relieved after providing him medical aid.

An official of political administration confirmed the deaths and damage to houses, saying that concerned officials have been assigned the task to launch a survey in the tribal area and collect data of rain-related losses.

He said that affected tribesmen would be compensated by the government.

Meanwhile, Provincial Director of Elementary and Secondary Education Muhammad Rafiq Khattak promoted 39 drawing masters (BPS-15) to the posts of senior drawing masters (BPS-16) with immediate effect.

“The departmental promotion committee recommended the teachers for promotion to next higher scale on the basis of seniority cum fitness and required academic qualifications”, said an official.

He said that through a notification issued by the competent authority the services of newly promoted senior drawing masters (BPS-16) had been put on the disposal of District Education Officer (male) for further posting in government high and higher secondary schools of the district.

He said that the newly upgraded teachers would be on probation for a period of one year extendable for another one year.