A:     What is this obsession you have with a zombie apocalypse? Have you been overloading on too many horror films?

S:     That’s how the world will end, if it is to end at all. Also it is an interesting device to imagine human interaction. Would it be every man for himself? Would it be the survival of the fittest?

A:     I think that anytime people are worried about security, it becomes an every-man-for-himself situation. You’re not the first one to imagine such a situation to come to a conclusion about society. Philosophers like Locke and Hobbes did just that. The thought that without a state ensuring security, people would live in anarchy killing for greed, property and self-preservation. Except they didn’t insert flesh-eating ghouls into their picture.

S:     Yes, but the situation I am imagining could become a reality. We have newer and scarier disease epidemics cropping up all the time from dengue to Ebola. If we don’t embark on a nuclear war, we'll have a virus outbreak.

A:     You’re such a pessimist sometimes. The world will end when the sun explodes. Or when the day of judgement comes. These two scenarios are a given.

S:     I would beg to disagree with at least one of those.

A:     So you have a problem with a divine end-of-days scenario, but you can speculate about zombies to no end?

S:     I have a scientific mind Ameen. Now don’t roll your eyes at me. Actually there is another scenario nearer and more dangerous than any of these others.

A:     What is that?

S:     Global Warming! A new ice age, or the melting of the polar caps and a giant flood. Stop rolling your eyes, Ameen.