Bahawalpur           -           Talking to the The Press at Bahawalpur Press Club

Former Azad Jammu and Kashmir prime minister Sardar Ateeq Ahmad Khan said Saturday it was eighth month since the held valley was under curfew.

He said no one could offer Friday Prayers in Kashmir. Today, according to the international community, Kashmir is like a big hospital. Malik Yasin’s life is in serious danger. He said thousands of Kashmiris have been martyred. All kinds of oppressions have been unleashed in Kashmir.

One million troops, more than Pakistani forces, have besieged Kashmir. He said that India cannot stop Kashmiri people from winning liberation. Pakistani flags are flown all over Kashmir. The black face of India has been exposed on the global stage by various speeches of Prime Minister Imran Khan. RSS and extremist elements are a threat to the region. He said that Kashmir is a flash point between two nuclear powers.

He said what Pakistani pilots did on February 27 is a clear massage for India. Pakistani planes attacked India and sent 600-700 Indian soldiers to hell and no civilian was injured, he claimed. Trump has also hinted at Modi to correct matters with Pakistan. He said that Trump’s mediation policy on Kashmir is a victory for Kashmir struggle to some extent. Pakistani flag is hoisted in Srinagar and slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. He said there are grave threats for Hurriyat Conference. Indian army should be expelled from Kashmir immediately. Kashmiris have given more than 600,000 sacrifices. India has to roll back the rules. China has supported Kashmir’s voice. Hafiz Saeed is mentioned in the Indian Parliament. In the National Assembly of Pakistan, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Modi should be declared as terrorists. All of Kashmiri leadership is in jails. A year ago, the BJP also lost seats in elections in the areas where it had won before. He said that Kashmiris should have freedom and this is their right. The routes should be opened, the war environment should be changed through negotiations. Pakistan is at the negotiating table for peace in Afghanistan but India is out. The United States also wants to establish peace in Afghanistan. “I pay tributes to people of Pakistan for supporting Kashmiri voice throughout Pakistan.”

At the end he said population of Pakistan has gone up so not only southern Punjab but other provinces too should be established. “Countries around us have administratively created new provinces in their territories.” He stated that in the cemeteries of Srinagar there were martyrs of southern Punjab too, that’s way I have more respect for southern Punjab.