LAHORE        -          Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz especially the Sharif family could not get involved in the politics of resistance, People’s Party’s Aitzaz Ahsan said here while talking to media.

In his scathing remarks, Aitzaz a staunch opponent to PML-N said previously the party’s leaders were making statements but now all of them were silent and they would remain silent, Ahsan said. Pakistan People’s Party was the only political entity which didn’t use religion in the politics, veteran PPP leader Aitzaz Ahsan said.

Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto had clarified it to Fazlur Rehman during the All Parties Conference, Aitzaz said.

“I am affiliated with People’s Party and didn’t quit it,” the former senator said. “I had a more important political role during the Senate tenure,” PPP leader said. “Asif Zardari had offered me a (Senate) seat from Sindh,” Aitzaz Ahsan said.

Commenting on the peace deal between United States and Taliban, he said it would help Trump to gain political success.