LAHORE  -  The SAFF Executive Committee (EXCO) has taken some important decisions during its meeting held at Kathmandu, Nepal which are also ratified by the SAFF congress.

Other than passing the audited statements of accounts and budget, the calendar of activity approved by the SAFF EXCO was ratified by the congress. It is pertinent to mention here that in the absence of SAFF President Qazi Salahuddin from Bangladesh, the EXCO was presided over by its senior vice president Syed Khadim Ali Shah, who is also president of Sindh Football Association, which is a matter of honor for Pakistan in fact.

The events, which were approved by its EXCO and ratified by the SAFF congress, include a number of youth competitions. “Special focus is being given to the development of youth football in South Asia,” said Khadim Shah. “We, the members of SAFF, are very satisfied and motivated to take the game to the next stage after the recognition by AFC and FIFA. In fact, it will help in many ways to promote football in South Asian region as there will be more resources available now to enhance the quality of the competition as well,” Khadim added.

Disclosing the details of calendar of activity, Khadim said that the approved events include youth events for both genders. “Although SAFF Women Championship is a salient feature of the calendar, but it does include youth events for both genders, even an u-15 (boys) school competition is also included,” Khadim said.  It is worth mentioning here that FIFA and AFC have recently given recognition to SAFF.