PESHAWAR                      -                Police have launched an android App to better manage situation with regards to coronavirus in the district.

The launching of the App was inaugurated by Deputy Inspector General Police for Hazara Division Qazi Jamil-ur-Rehman in Abbottabad on Thursday.

Speaking to The Nation, DIG Qazi Jamil said the App will provide authentic information and guidelines on coronavirus and to discourage misinformation that may result in spreading fear and panic.

The DIG said the main objective of this initiative is to provide support to general public in the critical times due to the prevailing situation and lockdown.  He said that people would be able to access the police and health officials through the App easily when they required.  He said the App would educate the users about the steps taken by district police to enforce the government lockdown measures, information about the number of quarantines, isolation wards, inter/intra district checkpoints and deployment.

Moreover, progress regarding number of vehicles impounded and traffic challans on lockdown violations will be updated daily. 

DPO Javed Iqbal Wazir said it would increase connectivity between public and health department regarding the contagion and voluntary lockdown.

 and social distancing via community outreach program.