QUETTA - There is no potable water for 1,600 prisoners in Quetta jail.

These views were expressed by MPA Abdul Majeed Khan Achakzai during the assembly session which was presided over by Speaker Raheela Hamid Khan Durrani on Tuesday.

Speaking at calling attention notice, Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) MPA Abdul Majeed Khan Achakzai said that a standing committee for home and tribal affairs department, led by Sayed Liaquat Agha, was formed for reforms in Balochistan prisons.

“The committee in its initial moot drafted 48 suggestions for reforms in jails and dispatched to all the concerned departments, but to no avail,” said the lawmaker.

The PkMAP legislator said the pardon that was extended to the prisoners on special eves and religious rituals had been revoked.

The lawmaker noted that every day the security forces were spearhead operations in jail and conduct raids on those captives holding cell-phones. He stressed the need for provision of public call office (PCO) facility in Quetta jail.

Denouncing inadequate facilities, Majeed Achakzai grieved by vocalising that a single barrack was accommodating 140 prisoners in Quetta jail and had a single lavatory, but sans water.

The legislator went on to say that drinkable water was not available for 1,600 prisoners and drugs were also on rampant. He also spoke of similar fate of Khuzdar Gaddani Mach Jail where prisoners had to confront similar troubles.

Sayed Liaquat Agha, the reforms committee chairman, speaking at the assembly floor said that the Standing Committee held its meeting on August 13 and outlined 48 suggestions for reforms which were sent to concerned departments but no reply had been reciprocated despite several reminders.

Sardar Abdul Rehman Kethran, the JUI-F lawmaker, taking part in the debate said that facilities be provided to prisoners in jail.

Ruling over the debate, the speaker ordered the standing committee to submit suggestions vis-à-vis rectifying appalling state of prisons and included Majeed Khan Achakzai and Sardar Abdul Rehman Kethran into the committee as they had worked for reforms of jails.

The speaker also instructed the committee to table suggestions about women and juvenile prisoners.