LAHORE   -  Chief of his own faction of Jami­at Ulema-e-Islam Maulana Fa­zlur Rehman has accused the government of trying to create a storm in a cup of tea over PML-N’s Ayaz Sadiq’s statement in the National Assembly.

Talking to media after meet­ing former Speaker National Assembly at his residence on Saturday, Pakistan Democrat­ic Movement (PDM) Chairman said that those trying to destroy a person’s character and his pat­riotism should be taken to task. 

Leaders of both the parties discussed the country’s cur­rent political situation and mat­ters concerning PDM during the breakfast. 

PML-N leaders Khawaja Saad Rafique and Rana Sanaullah were also present. 

“It is our responsibility to keep our politics according to the law and the Constitution,” Fazl stated. 

He said no person or institu­tion was above criticism and re­marked that declaring a Parlia­mentarian a traitor was a sign of the day of judgment. 

He made it clear that they would not surrender their right to have difference of opinion.

“We express difference of opinion on the basis of princi­ples and will do the same in fu­ture too,” he said. 

“Do not impose an illegal gov­ernment on us,” he warned. 

He said the PTI government had bankrupted the country and Pakistan was at risk under this regime.

Ayaz Sadiq said that he had not given any irresponsible state­ment and asked the sitting gov­ernment not to drag the Armed Forces into political fight.

“I have never given irrespon­sible statement and surely will not give any in future. When it comes to the country’s integri­ty, we are united as a nation and will give a befitting response to India,” he said. 

When asked whether he would tender apology, Ayaz Sadiq said he had “not said an­ything” and he has already clar­ified his statement. He said that the political colour given to his statement did not bene­fit Pakistan’s narrative. He said he stood by his statement and would not allow anyone to de­clare him a traitor,

“No one has the right to de­clare anyone a traitor, all of us are patriotic Pakistanis”, he said, adding, he had many secrets but never made irre­sponsible statements. “We can have different thoughts polit­ically but as far as Pakistan is concerned, the whole nation is united and will give a be­fitting reply to India. People may have objections to what I said but the political colour given to it did not benefit Pa­kistan’s narrative. We are po­litical people and have been making statements against po­litical opponents in the past and would continue to do so in the future. But at one point, when it comes to Pakistan or the matter of our unity or in­stitutions, Pakistan’s message to India is very clear.”

“This selected government tried to support the unsuc­cessful narrative that was be­ing created in India. The Oppo­sition had strong reservations about the government on what he termed its silence on Kash­mir and its foreign policy fail­ures. But these are political differences. Their attempt to associate my statement with the Armed Forces of Pakistan was not a service to the coun­try,” he said. 

“My statement can be seen and heard in which I talked about this government, which government officials misread by adopting Indian media’s strat­egies. This is not only a blatant plot but a disservice to Paki­stan,” he said. 

“You have played in the hands of Indian media. I am standing by my statement. I have many secrets as head of National Se­curity Committee,” he said.