LAHORE   -  The apex court reprimanded two PTI legislators MNA Malik Karamat Khokhar and MPA Nadeem Abbas Bara for influencing the police in investigation against land grabbers and ordered them to appear before the court at Islamabad today.

During the hearing of a petition against illegal occupation of nine plots in Johar Town moved by an expatriate, Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar was informed that “Mansha Bum” had grabbed the property and the police were not investigating the case properly.

Superintendent Police (SP) Mohammad Maaz told the court that there was a group of land grabbers in Johar Town and when the police started action against them, some people started approaching the investigators to save the accused.

He said PTI MNA Khokhar had influenced the police to save Mansha Bum from being arrested. The mafia, he said, was involved in 70 cases.

A furious CJP immediately summoned the MNA and ordered the police to arrest Mansha Bum.

“Since when has the PTI started behaving like thugs?” asked the CJP. “Did people vote for you for this? Are you going to make a new Pakistan while helping thugs?” he asked the ruling party MNA, who was visibly terrified.

“Karamat Khokhar, you will not go back as an MNA if found guilty in today’s inquiry,” the CJP said. “I will not let any thug live in the country,” warned the top judge.

Khokhar claimed that he did not know Mansha Bum and that he had not called the SP but the deputy inspector general (DIG). At this point, the CJP summoned the DIG, adjourning the hearing for a while.

MPA Nadeem Abbas Bara accused a police officer of having framed him in baseless cases, adding that he would resign if found guilty. Hearing this, the CJP said he should go ahead and resign first, “but you won’t have the courage to do so”. Bara started weeping in court and apologised.

Subsequently, Khokhar was issued a notice for lying in court, while he and Abbas Bara both were summoned to the Supreme Court in Islamabad for Monday (today).

“Why shouldn’t we initiate contempt proceedings against you for your wrong testimony?” the CJP asked Khokhar. “You said in court you don’t know Munsha Bum. If that was the case then why did you phone the DIG for the release of Bum’s son?” the top judge asked the PTI leader.

“I seek court’s pardon,” Khokhar said, to which the CJP responded: “Someone who lies cannot be truthful and sagacious.

“You should fear God. The people voted for you,” the CJP told Khokhar.

He also asked him to appear before the court in Islamabad “We will see if you should be forgiven or not,” he said.

“Bring your resignation letter with you, or I will write it for you,” he added.

More proceedings will be held at the federal capital today.

Also, the Supreme Court on Sunday summoned called for report of Model Town killings from anti-terrorism court.

More than a dozen people had been killed in a police action when PAT supporters had resisted the police bid to remove barricades outside the residence of Dr Tahirul Qadri in 2014.

Basma, daughter of lady who was among the killed, informed the court that she had turned up there because the Lahore High Court had rejected her petition.

PAT leader Khurram Nawaz Gandapur was also there.

Justice Nisar said that the court would look into the matter if an appeal against the high court’s verdict was filed.

Basma complained that the case had prolonged unnecessarily in the anti-terrorism court.


The Supreme Court on Sunday expressed dissatisfaction over the state of education in the private sector, and constituted a two-man committee to look into the facilities being provided by the private universities.

The committee comprises Zafar Iqbal Kalanauri and FIA director Waqar Abbassi. The probe body has been given a week’s time to submit its report to the apex court.

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, who disposed a heavy agenda at Lahore registry on what was a closed holiday, felt upset while pointing out that the standard of education had been destroyed by greedy people who wanted to make money from this sector.

He said although the private sector institutions claim to offer maximum facilities to students, surveys belied their assertions. He said now he would also have it investigated as to how the universities were chartered by the governor and the chief minister.

APP adds: CJP Justice Mian Saqib Nisar also visited the National Hospital on Sunday. During his visit, the CJP took a round of various wards of the hospital and inspected the standard of medication.

He also checked the quality of equipment and medicines besides reviewing other facilities being provided to the patients.

The chief justice interacted with the patients and inquired about the quality of treatment being provided to them. The patients expressed their grievances to him.

Taking stock of the situation, Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar sought a report from Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) about the plight of patients at the National Hospital. He also directed the hospital management to provide best medical facilities to the patients.